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Our Story

Lion & Ruff started in the middle of 2020 with two primary goals in mind: Comfort & Quality.

Being both a cat and dog owner myself, I wanted to provide an overall better and more restful experience for my furry friends at home while hopefully tackling my larger dog's separation anxiety. After trying what seems like dozens of various types of beds, I came across one which would later become the inspiration for our Lion & Ruff™ Luxury Ultra Comfort Bed.

After a couple of weeks, I noticed no more whining when I left and no more tearing up things while I was away from home. All of my pets (five cats and two dogs) seemed to be more energetic throughout the day too. I knew this was something to be shared with other pet owners. I partnered up with three other pets-first friends, and we collectively started Lion & Ruff as a way to help other pet owners give their furry friends the best as well.

Each Lion & Ruff™ Luxury Ultra Comfort Bed is made from two parts: the Center and the Ring. The Center provides the ultimate comfort, and the Ring provides a safe space that encircles your pet to help them feel safer and less anxious. Both parts are filled super soft (but firm) filling and covered in a faux-fur, which imitates the warms of their mother's fur for a combined experience of comfort and a feeling of security.In addition, I've volunteered (and continue to do so) at local animal shelters over the last decade. I have seen first-hand the horrors that come about from animal abuse and neglect, and this inspired me to use Lion & Ruff as a way to help stop this kind of thing from happening. We donate a portion of each sale directly to ASPCA to help in their mission of protecting animals.

At Lion & Ruff we're committed to bringing both Comfort & Quality to pets across the US, UK, Canada, and more.

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