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Luxury Ultrasoft Beds for your furry friend.

Give Your Best Friend The Best Night's Sleep.

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Give your furry friend a Pawsitve, comforting, & Restful experience.

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Lion & Ruff was founded in the midst of 2020 with two core values in mind:


We all enjoy things that give us comfort and pleasure, so why can't our pets? A comfortable place to rest goes a long way to having a wonderful quality of life. We believe that pets are an extension of our family & should enjoy the same comforts.

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& quality

Being pet owners ourselves, it's very important that we're giving our furry friends the very best. That being said, each bed that comes from Lion & Ruff is passed through eight (8) individual quality checks before setting out on its adventure to your home. We want the best for our pets and know you do too.

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About the Lion & Ruff™ Luxury Ultra Comfort Bed

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Our Veterinarian STamp of Approval

"Many pet-focused brands simply do not have the time or resources to thoroughly research the health implications of many of the products they offer, much less seek out the advice of a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine like myself. That's why I'm proud to partner with Lion & Ruff; they go above and beyond to truly make a difference in animal's lives."
- Dr. Bryan Richards, DYM Head Veterinarian, Lion & Ruff's Expert Council

Support ASPCA

We donate a portion of each sale to the ASPCA in support of their mission to put an end to animal abuse and neglect. You can find out more about ASPCA and their important work by clicking the link below.

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Tips for happy, healthy Pets

Being pet-owners for years ourseleves, we each have our own tips and tricks to helping furry friends live full, happy, and healthy lives. Here you'll read blog posts written by staff at Lion & Ruff that cover a range of topics.

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What People Are Saying

Cherie M., IL

"I received this today and my dog absolutely loves it! It's very soft and fluffy and perfect for my senior dog. I am planning on buying another one for our bedroom. I purchased the large and it's a great size for my 20 lb Boston Terrier! It could fit a larger dog too."

Margaret S., SC

"This bed has everything.
Plenty of soft padding including the middle, well made, pretty in a soft grey, super soft and a good size. I got the medium for my 16 lb pup and she has plenty of room to stretch out plus she claimed it as her own right away.
Pay a little more and get your moneys worth."

Leonard, BRitish Colombia

"Our girl loves this!! She has chewed up other flat beds and seems just as happy sleeping on the hardwood floor, but this one is different. She snuggles into donut position for a good snooze, both for nap time and at night. So cozy, great buy!"