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Welcome to Lion & Ruff!

We see pets just as equal as people in a household, so our mission is to create products and guides that will promise your beloved pet can enjoy an upbeat, solid life. We know how important a human-pet relationship is so our promise to deliver quality products stretches out to every part of our business.



We are a company of pet lovers who have often struggled to find tough, durable, handmade, and washable dog or cat beds. Lion & Ruff has many years of expertise in puppy bed manufacturing.


We have also manufactured dog beds for several American customers. This expertise, coupled with deep knowledge of dog training and canine behavior, is now being used by Lion & Ruff to produce the best quality, most robust, fluffy, and luxury pet beds.

Our company makes luxury and ultra-comfortable beds for cats and dogs. It is available in six different sizes. You can get a small, medium, or large bed based on your pet’s size. You can also order for extra-small, extra-large, or XX-large. Whether your dog is small or big, we have a luxurious dog bed for your furry buddy. You will be impressed by the quality of luxury dog beds and kitty beds that Lion & Ruff have in store.


We focus on the comfort and quality attributes of the brand to provide customer satisfaction. As one of the leading companies in luxury dog beds and modern cat beds, we respect the views, advice, and feedback of our clients regarding the service we offer. That’s why we’re still open to accepting innovations and projects that our consumers want us to deliver next. We take the point to listen to our clients because meeting their demands and wishes is the first and foremost thing we can do. So, we advise our clients never to wait to reach us. You can conveniently reach us via the contact information given on the Contact Us page.


For our business to become what we are now, our experts invested most of their time in pet research, finding amazing suggestions and feedback from numerous authorities on the calming dog bed and kitty bed. We use every way we can to supply our clients with the most amazing and comfortable products.


So, if you are looking for quality puppy beds or calming cat beds, then you are looking in the right direction for we are the company that will always be there to provide comfortable and luxury pet beds. Our goal has always been to deliver you the kind of service that you and your pet truly deserve.

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