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The Benefits of Raw and Frozen Dog Food

Did you know that the raw food industry is the fastest-growing segment of the pet food market? More people find that, just as unprocessed foods do in human diets, they benefit from enhancing their general well-being, immunity, and longevity, as does raw food for their dogs. Check out some of the incredible effects that raw food has on your dogs.


Good Digestion

Since the digestive enzymes of dogs are best matched to raw food, they can consume some of the food's nutrients, and thus less waste is excreted. You will find the stools are thinner, firmer, and free of super-smelly odor owing to inadequate or excessive digestion of refined foods. The digestive tract of pets like cats and dogs is much shorter than humans, which indicates that their bodies have little ability to consume nutrients. They are built to digest raw meat and bones found in the wild—not grains or fillers used in many kibble foods. Unprocessed ingredients, such as those found in raw pet diets, have the highest number of absorb-able nutrients and beneficial bacteria for your pet's general well-being. Also, pets do not have the enzyme amylase required to digest grains. When feeding a pet with a grain-filled diet, its body must work extra hard to absorb grain and corn.


Protection From Allergies

Popular signs of allergies in pets include excessive scratching and/or eye discharge. Some dogs are allergic to kibble grains and fillers. A raw diet removes these allergens from their diet. The addition of raw goat milk to the diet further increases their immunity, and also decreases allergies.


Healthier Dog

Taking a protein-rich diet can help your pet grow healthy muscles, skin, and joints. This is distinct from an option that is rich mainly in sugars that can lead to pet obesity. Raw puppies have been found to have fewer bone issues in their later years. Much of the calories in the raw material come from meat with a high protein, low carbohydrate content that supports a safe growth rate. Later in life, pets can benefit from elevated Omega-3 levels and suffer less pain and relieve joint problems such as arthritis. If your dog suffers from arthritis or joint pain, consider one of our Luxury Ultra Comfort Beds, proven to alleviate joint discomfort and give your pet the best night's sleep.


Photo by Chewy on Unsplash


Good For Hair and Skin

Experts state that about 40 percent of the protein in pet food goes into their hair and skin. A grain-based diet will prevent the requisite amount of protein to produce a healthy, shiny coat. Great nutrition from organic food ensures that there is a little or no shedding of your pet's fur which results in a glossy and stable coat.


Improves Immunity

Here is a question for you: Have you ever asked why wolves and wild dogs look healthier and have fewer health issues than domestic dogs? This is partly due to a diet. Raw foods are high in fatty acids and immunosuppressive nutrients. Fresh vegetables have normal and absorb-able vitamins and antioxidants. Although kibble makers are seeking to substitute them with chemical ingredients, that will only make the nutrients more difficult to consume. For these reasons, it is best to feed your pet an organic diet of raw meats and vegetables.

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