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Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed with You?

Even though you may not have allergies or a weak immune system, the two main disadvantages of sharing a room with your dog are grooming and sleep disturbance. But as long as you can handle the scent and the fur, and as long as your dog doesn't wake you up with noise or activity, then co-sleeping with your dog is a win for you. Sharing a bed with your dog is calming and relaxed, and science backs that up. Yeah, because it's nice for your puppy, too—which is one more explanation why we enjoy our pet sitting at home. But, getting your dog a fluffy dog bed is not a bad idea either.


Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash


Reasons why you should let your dog sleep in your bed


  • It works as a natural antidepressant

Only rubbing a dog will raise the brain's share of oxytocin—a feel-good chemical known as the "love hormone." Petting your dog is a soothing way to relax in the sleepy city.


  • You feel warm

The dogs are so warm and comfortable. If it's a large spoon or a little one, a foot warmer, or a towel robber, dogs beat a hot bottle of water every time.


  • They make you feel comfortable

The rhythmic sound of your dog's gentle snoring, breathing, and heartbeat can lower your heart rate. The study backed this up. Decreased heart rate is usually associated with reduced discomfort and more relaxation. In other words, better night!


Reasons why you should not let your dog sleep in your bed

  • Safety concerns

Pet trainers who advocate crate training typically allow puppies to help break a dog's house, among other advantages. Protection is another concern. We know when you have your first puppy and you feel bad putting her in a crate, but then you realized she'd be better than in your bed where she could slip off or worse—as if you unintentionally hurt her when you were asleep, especially when she is a tiny two-pound pup.


  • Disrupting sleep

Some dogs are most aggressive at night, so you can get up and screw up your nap. If you've ever adopted a little dog, you're well acquainted with the fact of being woken up several times a night for potty breaks (or simply because your pup is bored). And if dogs prefer to sleep easier as they're older, there's always an argument to be made for pets who disturb your sleep.

Even though it's common to have your sleep disturbed from time to time, ongoing disruptions can lead to more severe problems such as not being able to go back to sleep or sleep, or restlessness during the night when you need a regular, deep, uninterrupted sleep. If you keep catching your pets waking you up all night as they sleep with you, you should re-evaluate sleeping with your pets if they keep you from having the rest you deserve.


  • Possible allergies and dander problem

If you have allergies, you may want to think twice about having pets or dogs or cats sleep in the room. Even if a person has no allergies to pet dander, if they choose to sleep with a pet, it will be prudent to get a special protective mattress and pillow covers with zippers that completely cover the mattress and pillow. This will help keep the mattress and pillow tidy and discourage the dander from lingering.

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