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A Guide to Dog Grooming in the Summer

Spring is here, and it is time for the body to be ready for it! And we’re not just asking about yours. Just like we’re all doing some head-to-toe maintenance before we take off our winter clothing and bare our skins, our fuzzy companions also deserve a good spring clean too. Daily grooming is not only necessary to the health of our pet but it is particularly more important in the spring months.


Summer cleaning

You know the feeling you get when you’ve had a great bath and put on a fresh pair of clothes and climb on clean sheets. Why not give that feeling to your dog as well? Wash the dog bed and sheets by hand. You can use any soft pet shampoo you have. You can do the same for the dog couch. After that, proceed to rinse the ropes and the collars in warm soapy water. Try to get some of the toys and give them a rinse too.


Photo by Autri Taheri on Unsplash

Clean your dog’s teeth and ear

Clean and check your dog’s ears for mites, fleas, and ticks, particularly those with wider ears. Then give the teeth and gums a nice cleanness. You can do this with the help of beef and poultry flavored toothpaste specially made for our dogs. So, it should not be too tiresome a task if you use the right products.


Giving a bath to your dog

A decent scrub down in the bath can also help pets shed any extra hair they may have been wearing in the summer months. A lovely natural shampoo can be soft on your pet’s hair, clean without stripping off the delicate skin, and making it fresh and fragrant. Not all pets enjoy baths, particularly cats, so try to make the experience as stress-free as possible for both of you. Gently bring your pet to a calm bath—no harsh running water. Make sure the temperature is just right, have some snacks available and an extra pair of hands if you need help.


Owing to the rainy winter season, the coats will be matt and dry—so it’s time for a nice long brush to enter in the warmer months. Try not to cause any discomfort or injury, and opt for a fine-tooth comb on any stubborn knot.


Provide manicure and pedicure

Our pet paws take a lot of pounding, particularly on hot summer pavements. Help them keep their feet happy by carefully inspecting their paws and nails. Next, give them proper cleanness, search for any cuts, pay particular attention to any holes they might have on their hands. If they have splits or fractures, use a moisturizing paw balm to help repair and brush daily and keep them clean. Tidy up the claws with a nail brush and eventually cut down to a safe length.


To complete the process, evaluate their unique requirements and spend a little more time with them. If their skin is sore and irritated, why not give them a healing bath by adding some oatmeal. Or if their hair is very dry, you can use a conditioner to restore hydration.

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